bodyguard, thank you very much! this gives me a very good insight how the kids feel and what they go thru when they talk. and thank you also for your strong statements.

i am also sorry for the way your abuser shut you up, literally taught you that it was your fault. that f...perp knew very well whose fault it was and he just added to the confusion. horrible!

i will do the best i can and for me counts that ANY kid tells me that it was abused, i know for sure that a kid never lies about something like that, cause kids do everything to look and feel normal and disclosing an abuse clearly is out of that. so this means it just has to be true. plus kids dont know sexual things like adults do and they must have learnt it somewhere, the wrong way, far too early.

thank you bodyguard,
everything is always okay in the end, if it's not, then it's not the end