I report my abuse in making of kiddie porn in pufferfish story part 1.


I was only 3 when it started but I was soon to be 4. It must have started soon after we moved into that area and lasted until we left about eight months later. No, I did not know what a movie camera was when I was that age. I remembered that "perp" was looking at a large black box while we boys were "performing" on a bed under a large skylight. Perp was a famous cartoonist and probably borrowed a movie camera from work. Years later my mother told me the names of the other boys. I only knew their first names then. (Robert and Robbie) Yes, they were children and grandchildren of some significant Hollywood persons. I do not feel free to present their names here. The perp took me to the cartoon studio where the cartoonists worked. I have recognized the interior of the studio in a compilation of cartoons from that period of time. Also the inside of the studio is pictured in some photos online. Perp's photo is online multiple times. It strongly resembles the drawing I made of him soon after I remembered these events. There is a lot of information about him online and in books. My family residence was in a special area where some significant persons in the movie industry were living (Lido Island, CA). John Wayne and others lived nearby.

So, was I just a dumb little kid? Not expected to remember all this?

I have answered the question of 'how he got me to do it' in my pufferfish story part 1.

No, I did not feel affection toward him. He was a very selfish man. This fact did not escape me even at my tender age. These kinds of opinions have been formed by his associates and they are available online.

What happened there in being (ab)used in making kiddie porn damaged me for the rest of my life. I have suffered long-lasting symptoms, dissociative disorder, social isolation, depression, PTSD, dyslexia, and ADHD. Also, i'm sure that abuse rendered me susceptible to being abused later by others.


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