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Were you the only one?
How did the abuser get you to do it?
Did he disseminate it?

My abuser (I use that term lightly since I still have affection for him and please don't start lecturing me from your soapbox about it) took pictures and other media. It was like a game but after awhile, I did not even notice. And yes, he put it out there and I have seen it.

No, it was me and his nephew.

He just told me I was doing it. I didn't have any choice. At first he said he wanted the pictures to remind him of us when we went home. I always hated it. Looking at the pictures he had of other kids always made me feel sick. I knew he wasn't just making them for himself and that he'd show them to other people.

Sorry I'm not actually sure what disseminate means... if it means the same as distribute then he used the internet. I don't know if he got money for them or if he just traded them with other weirdos.