One of my major malfunctions comes from my complete lack of parental-based affection. I find more and more that what I saw in other families as a kid, did in fact exist and is/was healthy and normal.

I grew-up with no physical affection from my parents and plenty of violence.

While working on a project recently, I came across a stock-photo that befuddled and grieved me greatly.

I will not place it here and it may be triggering for some survivors. I cannot look at it without thinking things like:

- I only knew THAT through the lead-perp.
- I never knew that from my father but needed to.
- how different would my life have been if this were the type of parents I had.

I have to tell you...Its a very very difficult picture for me to see.

*******TRIGGER WARNING*******

Picture linked is of a shirtless boy being held by his shirtless father.


I'd really be interested in your impressions and thoughts. Am I alone in this grief?

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