My mother passed away this morning. I thank God for allowing her to give me and my sister life . I will miss her and I no she is no longer dealing with cancer & the suffering that comes with it. Prayers for my family to be strengthened in this time

I had to handle all the arrangements and be the rock as usual for the family. I just think that if you do the work it will pay off . God has allowed me through his spirit to work and work well through this . This whole process is new to me for there has been no one in my family who has died. I only have been to friends or others funerals.

I have been through so much in my short life but never death . I guess we can add it to the list . Regardless of the situations and circumstances we must keep moving we must keep going and know that Life is going to keep moving with or with out us . But if you are prepared and have been working tirelessly on your life than when life does come at you , you may handle it instead of it handling you .

Many thanks and you brothers here for your support and the support i always receive from you , Love your family get things right do not let the little stupid things we let get in our way instead of forgiving and realizing we ALL make mistakes and we all fall down . We just need to realize this is borrowed time and that life truly is a gift and it is a wonderful thing .
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