I awoke this morn to a recurring dream I have been having lately of one of the men that have hurt me. I had this overwhelmingly sense of sadness. He was standing there, looking at me with such sadness in his eyes while placing his belongings in the bag.

He finished, closed the zipper, picked the bag up by the handles, and said not a word. He looked at me- again with extreme sadness- turned and walked away. It has left me unsettled as I try to sort it out. I am one of those dream people and usually I know for myself what they mean, but I can't determine this one. If anyone has an interpretation for me, let me know.

I feel like I have done something terribly wrong. It is the same feeling I had when I was the victim, like it was my fault. Now how friggin' strange is that ? What is going on in my heart and my head to cause me to dream this ?
For now we see through a glass, darkly.