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No, I live in Ohio. And sorry, I dont ship it anywhere.
Making beer, while time consuming, is pretty easy to do.

Yeah, I've been told that before. Hopefully one day I'll have the time/money to invest in brewing my own beer. Also, I think space can be an issue, as I've always been a renter and I'm not sure where I'd find the room to brew beer in a little apartment. I'd love to be able to craft my own brew though. Especially a nice, rich, hoppy IPA. Mmmmmmmmmm! smile

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When I've seen this topic I heard message: spring is in the air smile

Yes it is! Thank God! For me, that means baseball season is almost back! In fact, a week from Saturday, I will be sitting at Turner Field, watching my beloved Braves with a cold brew in my hand and the smell of freshly cut grass and hot dogs hanging in the hair. I can't wait!!!! grin