Hey Lee,
you post very good and important question. I see that you have had good relationship with your brother after abuse stopped and that gives me thinking that you two have a lot of things in common and there is base for good relationship.
I guess that in the most cases denial as you mentioned is on and we are not so keen to talk about it nor to share such shameful history, it is not pleasant, it was hurtful and it was wrong.
In my case I divided similar experience in two separated parts. One is me dealing with my own past and thinking relating to abuse and sexual matters in childhood. Other part that was also very important is about me and my bro doing some stuff together.
I needed to integrate and accept both parts to feel better and not like broken person.
It is for me easier to do it when dealing only with my own feelings and experiences somehow but dealing with another adult person who could feel same shame and guilt is somehow more difficult and I needed more time to break that isolation.

We were kids that were introduced to sexual matters way to early, that colored our world and has driven us in unwanted direction. Because of that it was easy to lost self and got confused. Many years passed before we were ready to openly talk about it and restore our relationship in full. We were always good toward each other but we never discussed things that have bothered us actually. My bro went to therapy (although not specifically related to CSA) much earlier than me and that helped also.
Even we never talked about our mutual sexual activities we cared a lot for each other. I must add that my brother thought the worst about himself as he introduced some "games" and felt responsible for my later confusion and other problems. I knew that we were kids and we didn't know better. So it helped us both when we talked about it.

So my advice for you is to take your time to be able to process in full your relationship with brother.
It is not pipe dream to have good relationship with your brother. He was protective toward you and by so he gave you reason to have warm and positive feelings for him, that was more than real.

Wait more, work on your healing (talk with your T about you and your brother) and you'll see what will come up.
Good opportunity for honest talk will show when you'll be ready and I'm sure that you both could feel a lot better after such talk.

My story