This thought has helped recently to de-bunk the myth I hold that something's wrong with me. As close as I can come from my heart, I try to say, feel, experience this thought. To believe it so I can experience it's great healing property.

Actions help greatly in the tangible to back up the thought and give credit to it. Clean from- Pot. Alcohol. Pills. Dope, in general. Sobriety intact for some time, being sober from ill-regard in thought and holding a sense of peace is more the sobriety I shoot for now.

Showering, obviously. lol.

Well Love.

Most Often, The Child Inside Has Better Access To Execute The Flawless Potential Of Self.

Over-Ride Emotional Conflict With Rational Truths

You Are Freer Than You Think - Paul Berteaux

Come unto Me, all ye that Labor, and are Heavy-ladened. I will give you Rest -Jesus Christ