He's read up to page 37 of Victims No More and won't go to therapy because he takes meds (not regularly as he should) from a shrink and thinks that is getting help.

You and him go to his shrink (or marriage counselor/therapist) and you explain the situation. That he can't be trusted to heal by himself. The drugs, the lies, the women. That he must clean up his act now or you turf him from the condo, rent it out or sell it. (if I understand that part of it)

He can stay with you and look after your child while you work. You are not abandoning him. You are expecting him to pull his weight in the marriage. He can be the stay at home mom.

It doesn't matter that it comes from the CSA. He is the one that is responsible for his actions.

I think you have to give him two choices. Clean up your act or become the stay at home mom.