Why do you suppose I post this here?

Nope! Snot cuz I think you F&F think this way. Its cuz you offer unique pespective, and I really want to hear your reactions. So please don't take this post as a slam on YOU guys. Cuz its not.
Yer right! Its not sposta happen to boys!

I'm not quite sure what you mean though:

Not supposta happen...

The more I learn and the more I see and the more i hear; the more I think that this little phrase is yet another "loaded-coded." That's what I call them' "Loaded-Coded," as in "this phrase may appear simple" but its not in any way simple. And its "coded" in that it does not have one thing to do with any of its face-meaning.

Here's what I think you are saying World:

BOYS are not suppose to LET it happen to THEM!

Oh Still....you mis-understand us.

No...no, I really don't mis-understand you. I've been here (on planet X) quite some time now, and without the mask for 5-years. I know what you mean! I know...

I am SO sorry I did not live up to your expectations when I was a child....even though you didn't know me back then...but anyway...