Ziegler claims V2 is the key proof of Sandusky's innocence / Paterno's innocence / EVUL LIBRUL guilt - because V2 initially said he wasn't raped, then changed his story.

Because a 10-year-old boy would trumpet that fact to the four winds upon first opportunity!

Victims at first denying anything or even falsely recanting their own stories is chapter-1 common knowledge. They are humiliated and can't stand the attention, family upheaval, and threats (in this case clearly demonstrated by the PennState "pro-rape riot").

Kidnap victim Jody Plauchet denied to everybody that the perp had raped him - denied it in the face of medical exams, denied it to his own parents, even denied it when the sperm swabs tested positive! And that was like 25 years ago!

Yet this is the smoking gun - the fear of a humiliated child - that will exonerate Almighty Football.

Between Steubenville and this I have never ever before truly understood just what terms like "rape culture" and "patriarchy" meant. Consider me sadder, wiser, and angrier.

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