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There is nothing lucky about being abused by a woman.If I had a choice in the manner, I would of taken the male over the woman.

It's interesting to hear you say that. I'm not quite going to say "I wish my abusers had been male" or anything. (One of them actually kinda may have been but that's a complicated story for another post.) I will say that if none of my abusers had been female, I think I would actually be more open about my childhood issues with people in my life and with people in general. At least then I could tell people I was abused without having to worry that they were going to slap a "you were lucky" or an "I wish that had happened to me" back in my face. When a man was your abuser, no sane person on this planet is going to say that to you. When you tell people you were molested by teenage girls at 8, then routinely sexually bullied and tormented for years by a girl only a year older than you, there are A LOT of people you're going to get that shit from.

In fact, in years past, when posting on-line about my childhood, I have chosen to be intentionally vague about the age and sex of my abusers. I never lied, I just left those details out. Then, when I got comments like, "I'm sorry for what he did to you", I just didn't correct them. Why should I? They made the erroneous assumption, not me. At the time, it was easier to let them think that and not come 100% clean than to take the chance that my pain and the damage that was done to me would be minimized and invalidated. It's really nice to see that there are others who can actually identify with my feeling that way. Take care. Peace,