Hi all,

It's been a long day. I've had conversations with a number of reporters and at one point with a producer for Anderson Cooper. Sadly it appears our voices will not be heard... yet.

I just posted this message to the MaleSurvivor FB wall, and I think it just about sums up where I'm at at this point.

"Perhaps the saddest and most outrageous lesson we have learned in this whole Ziegler debacle is that the media will anoint themselves the protector of the survivor while refusing to allow us even a moment of air time to speak for ourselves. Piers Morgan has no authority to speak for any of Sandusky's victims, victims in general, nor the Paterno family. I certainly appreciate Sara Ganim's attempt to speak up for victims, but she is not a valid representative of us either. Our pain, our stories, and the hope for healing that we can share belong to us, and it is our right to speak for ourselves.

I have reached out to producers and reporters at NBC, MSNBC, and CNN asking that survivors be given an opportunity to speak for themselves. Only one internet outlet (Huff Post Live) and one Canadian News channel (CTV) gave us the opportunity to do so. To them I am deeply grateful. And to the print reporters with whom I spoke today.

Now Ziegler has caused further harm by announcing he will "out" the name of Victim #2. One only hopes that at this point the media might now do what they should have done all along and ignore him."

Let's hope they do.
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