I myself suffered at the hands of abuse from a hsuband and a wife. The most horrific event can be having your body and respect invaded by a woman.Considering,that mother is the most sacred word on the face of the earth and in heaven.

It took me years too branch out and maintain healthy relations with women and I am still struggling. I used them as she abused me.Just strictly for sex or pleasure.

There is nothing lucky about being abused by a woman.If I had a choice in the manner, I would of taken the male over the woman. Woman can be far more hazardous and leave deep wounds that reopen everytime you have a fault or weakness with the opposite sex.

I am just very thankful,that I had a very supportive sister and been blessed with neices and cousins who have helped guide me and recognise my worth. I don't let it stop me from pursuing relationships but I am still working on the boundaries and confidence for myself as well as for them.