John Ziegler claimed to know the identity of victim # 2 - the one McQueary saw being raped in the showers. Since he never testified his identity is still secret. Ziegler hinted on several occasions that he would expose it - Matt Lauer had to cut him off. But apparently he does fully name the young man in his film. You'll also notice how he squirmed and evaded when directly asked - 4 times! - about Sandusky's guilt. Ziegler has also said the criminal case against Sandusky was "remarkably weak."

Ziegler is a tinfoil-hatted wingnut who fits well with fellow traveler Todd Akin's stance that the female body "has ways to shut down" pregnancies from rape. He's another goddamned football fan with a goddamned mancrush on goddamned Joe Paterno. And he so wants to clear Paterno's name that he asked Sandusky if it would have been possible for Paterno to know what was going on, to which Sandusky OF COURSE said "since it was just a harmless game of grab-ass and I never hurt anybody, there was nothing for Paterno to know."

Even Paterno's family is disgusted and has asked Ziegler to stop.

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