A statement has been drafted and will be released upon airing of the interviews. In the meantime, please consider posting retweeting the tweets we have posted to the Today show (seen in the left column) and post the following to FB:

John Ziegler, the filmmaker who's interviews with Sandusky are slated to be aired this morning on the TODAY show said the following on his website:

"for the record, I believe the evidence indicates that McQueary did not witness an assault" (control-f and paste the quote to find the line in the pages of rambling text).

The fact of the matter is that this man is wrong. He is ignorant. And in his single-minded zeal to unearth a conspiracy that does not exist and draw attention to himself he is helping a convicted child rapist get more national exposure, re-traumatize his victims, and cause harm to many other survivors. NBC and the TODAY show are aiding and abetting his work.

I urge all of my friends, and my brothers and sisters in LOCAL ONE to make a point to tell the TODAY show that they are harming people by giving John Ziegler and Jerry Sandusky airtime.

Please note, as of September 2016 I am no longer Executive Director. However due to a bug in UBB software that is still unresolved this label can't be removed.