Things just keep getting worse with my husband and though I started going to al anon, I can't stop reacting to his behavior. I think I could handle just the drinking, but the women and infidelity is killing me. I just saw texts on his phone to 10 different women who is "seeing"/fucking.
He's read up to page 37 of Victims No More and won't go to therapy because he takes meds (not regularly as he should) from a shrink and thinks that is getting help.
I've read all the books. I've also read SOOO many posts from wives on here and it seems that the common thread of couples who have made it through the other side is that their husbands didn't want to lose the marriage and finally got help.
I just can't believe things will get better, even if i focus on myself and 15 month old baby, and continue support groups.
He was the kindest, sweetest, most faithful man who was so in love in with me and we had a beautiful marriage for almost 5 years.
I knew about his abuse but I never knew it could manifest itself like this. I never knew it could be this bad.
And I'm making things worse by getting so angry and full of rage when I discovered the latest women and crazy lies. He even lied to them all, saying he was an architect going to Dubai for a month.
Does he hate me and run from me because he feels like a failure and I know the truth?
I know Al Anon says not to make any major decisions for the first 6 months of recovery but it is really hard not to run to a divorce lawyer and try to make a new life for me and my baby.
Can anyone tell me why I shouldn't give up hope?