Considering MS is chock full of gay, bi, MSM and SSA issues, I think it's prudent to give a heads up to our MS community about a new strain of meningitis among MSM in NYC. Their DOH (Dept of Health, not Homer Simpson) is making an unusual public urging for MSM to get the meningitis vaccine.

"These expanded recommendations come after four new cases of this deadly type of meningitis were reported among gay men in the first two months of 2013, bringing the total number of cases to 22, with three of the last five cases resulting in death." Further, one third of the total 22 cases have been fatal. (

A lot of you know my story, that I'm poz 20+ years and on a successful treatment. Though not sexually active, I live in an area popular with New Yorkers. I'm old enough to remember the early days of AIDS when it was confined to SF and NY. However, this time there IS a vaccine available.

Again, just a prudent heads up. Did a quick search on Walgreens where the vaccine's available for $95 per dose.