I was also molested by my Brother in Law. It lasted for 6 years until I was 18. That was after he spent 3 or 4 years grooming me in a diabolical manner. As one who was severely abused not only by him, but by many other Men, I can assure you that there is hope for a good life ahead. You can deal with this and put it in its place. I encourage you if possible,to get the story out and on to a page, even if you keep it private, it is very freeing. You can read my story(Joe).

Press forward! There is well being ahead for you.

If someone throws trash on my lawn and drives away, it is mine to deal with. I make the decision whether to collect it or take responsibility for cleaning it up. We are the sum of our choices. For some, these were thrust upon us at an age when we were not qualified to take such resposibility. R.J.