We're obviously dipping from the same well. I wasn't too much of a metal head though. To be sure, I listened to some metal...sprinkled in with everything else from 70s singer/songwriters and the end of the big AM Top 40 era---Widespread Panic----R.E.M.----80s alternative---Grunge----old Rolling Stones---The Cure--Drivin N Cryin----The Smithereens----Jane's Addiction---The Dandy Warhols----The Black Keys---plus classical and blues.

I'm with you on country----outside of maybe Johnny Cash and some Dwight Yoakam. Modern pop is miserable gruel.

Metallica's "Ride the Lightning" just came up on my iPod. Before that was Queensryche's "Eyes of a Stranger." Earlier was Yo-Yo Ma and a cello piece. Go figure.

Here's a favorite driving song:


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I've got this life
And the will to show
I will always be
Better than before