Hey bla,

Oh yeah, the inner child, what an obstacle for survivors. Anger, resentment, incredulity, access and contention can cloud the path to the soft, fleshy place that hurts us so much. It feels like anger protects the child, but in fact it only serves to shield those wounded parts from healing therapy.

I wonder if that is an appropriate descriptor, I mean, ASA sufferers have pieces of our personality that struggle to come to terms with abuse, I wonder if there is not a better terminology to produce a less reactive term. Well, there is not now that I am aware.

Being able to wade through the shame, fear and terror of abuse to empathize and to be consistently compassionate for a necessary amount of time to heal. I found that by reading the shares and experiences of others I was able to finally breakthrough the rage and unfairness I felt toward those who hurt me. I went from being a mercenary raging against all unfairness and protecting the innocent to sitting with and comforting the hurt and destroyed.

This was a profound change in my life, thank you for reminding me.

MaleSurvivor Moderator Emeritus 2012 - 2014