Hello Tarobuns,

A religious transition, well, I imagine almost every survivor questions our faith in or disbelief of a religious structure that we have or had from the time of the abuse and afterwards.

I had a few years to consider what I felt was the path to salvation. I walked away from what I was taught, only trouble was, it did not walk away from me. When I was able to reason on the structure without projecting or transferring the abuse and acting out, I was able to reconnect with what I had grown up with in regards to how I was going to spend eternity.

The words, reasoning and principles I had growing up I made my own. You have found a path that makes words, reasoning and principles your own, that is such a good path, I hope you continue to choose what is comfortable to you. I think that is the transition, whether keeping the beliefs' a survivor grows up into or coming into one's own beliefs away from the lessons taught in our youth, we work towards safe, comfortable, positive and affirming structure.

That is what I found. Much success to you,

MaleSurvivor Moderator Emeritus 2012 - 2014