I am going to be participating in a Slutwalk in my community. As not only a survivor of CSA but also sexual assaults as an adult, this will be my first time taking part in any sort of public gathering or event of this nature. I am a little nervous to be triggered by everything, or perhaps to have any other participants there judge me for being a man/not believing that men can be victims as well (I realise many there will have an open mind).

I think it is great many societies are becoming more aware of the need to speak out and stop victim blaming, but at times I feel that this movement (as it is still in its infancy) can be quite silencing to those who are- let's say minorities- in this movement, such as male survivors. I am also still at a stage where I am easily triggered and I encounter one of my rapists often in our university town. What if he is there? (I think that often when I go out).

Do you reckon I should go? I am going alone, but it is also real close to my house, so I think it will not be that far from home in case I fall out of my comfort zone.
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