I'm surprised this never seems to have been discussed here before. Maybe it's a generational thing. But as a kid growing up in the '80s, there was no escaping the comic book inserts / back covers of Spider-Man and Power Pack warning kids about sexual abuse.

But I honestly didn't know there was a whole comic devoted to it. "Spider-Man and Power Pack #1," published in 1984, revealed that a young Peter Parker (pre-superpowers) had been groomed and molested by an older kid in his school. Apparently this has remained in continuity for the Marvel Universe as Spidey referred to it in another issue years later.

There was a whole "realtime" PSA campaign built around this comic, as facilitators in the Spidey-suit would visit schools and talk to kids about this stuff. And, yes, press coverage at the time said it triggered waves of disclosures.

Here is a thoughtful review of the issue:

And here are full scans of the first half of the comic, the part about Peter Parker's "secret".

It doesn't include the second half, the Power Pack story, because honestly who gives a shit about Power Pack? (Their story is really sad too, it's about incest, but it simply doesn't have the notoriety of the lead story because, let's face it, it's Spider-Man).

Note that you shouldn't read the "reader commentary" page at the end, because this being the Internet, it's full of 4chan-types herping and derping about how Spider-Man is now gay or that they only wish they could have been his nextdoor neighbor (the boy being groped by a female babysitter). Screw them, they don't understand. The story speaks for itself. And I'm sure, for many people, it made a real difference. In a way I'm glad for reading it myself.

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