We have a board member who was a Penn State Asst Coach under paterno and sandusky.

I can predict the following from the interview: sandusky and NBC will use the term "sex with minors" or "sex with children" without contest to the absolute error therein (that an adult cannot have "sex" with a child...only "rape" can take place).

Where is the inclusion of a victim interview or an MS counterpoint contention?

Networks like NBC pick easy, low hanging fruit like Sandusky interview because they know a zillion slack-jawed, penn snake fans will dutifully watch and bitch about victims not really being 'victims' at all and how they fkd-up the entire school over nothing, over something they could have stopped, being ungrateful little brats who have nothing to offer society and should still be thanking penn snake, not suing them...and why didn;t those little shits report it when it happened, not 50 years later, and why didn't they do something and they probably enjoyed it and they were bread for that kind of life cuz of the ghetto they were born into, and they are nobody's ...

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