I am sorry to read your story. I admire your commitment to him. As a survivor I am not as fortunate to have a wife stand with me like you, but I have been seeking help--therapy, support groups, and supporting friends. It helps to lift the darkness and the shame-it is not an easy road and I too struggle with healing. I am fighting to regain my life. I know who I am but like most victims we have a side that grew from the abuse, not from love or nurturing, and it is this side of me I struggle to accept and love. It is this side that has led me to darker days. Your husband can do it, and with your support it will aid in his journey. Have him read some posts, have him talk to someone, may a joint session would help. He may be silent but he may hear something that evokes a need to heal. He may be scared--I was--because I knew what happened and feared admitting would overwhelm me. I would be lying if I said it did not at times--yesterday for example was a dark day, a bit brighter today. Take care of yourself and maybe if your husband has a trusting friend or mentor he could help. Best wishes to both of you.