Hey guys. Just wanted to share a piece from the soundtrack for the movie 'The Fountain', written by Clint Mansell. I recorded this today - sorry for all the bad background noise, it was on my laptop, not the best recording equipment. I'll be re-recording it soon, possibly tomorrow - but I just wanted to share this first with everyone anyway.

To keep a long story short, I had buried this piece mentally, even though it was probably one of the most haunting, pain-evoking, beautiful pieces I'd ever heard. But - I was chatting on here a few weeks ago, and someone (a good friend, I'd say) brought it up, saying it was one of his favorites. For the first time in a while, I could re-associate it with something positive - him, and, well, you guys. I'm not very good with expressing any tender/affectionate feelings verbally and in public. Even when chatting online. But when I recorded this, honestly, I pictured all of you guys. The posters on the forums, the guys who I ! talk to regularly on chat. This is the only way I can think of to open up and try to be close to you guys on an emotional level. I guess the title sums it up - 'Together We Will Live Forever' - I think we're all in it together, even if we're in different places, or of different ages and backgrounds. I hope it'll somehow lift you up when you're down - just a reminder that you're not alone.


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