I just wanted to share. Tuesday night I had my support group meeting. I have been going to the meetings for over a year and a half. I share but always have anxiety as I spoke of my experiences, my feelings and what I have lived recently (fugues, visiting the place of the abuse, loss of my mother and how others have treated me). I never realized until the other night it was pointed out when I spoke I would be rubbing my hands and arms and my voice would express fear and anxiety. They only pointed this out after I spoke the other night. A new member was there and his story and experiences, it hit a chord with me. I spoke and broke down, I could not stop my emotions, they took over. Tears flowed and I was told my voice had pain but was not strained. I have experienced the loss of control of emotions when I spoke about the abuse with friends but never in the group session. The members told me my pain hit them and thanked me for sharing. They told me I am valued despite what has happened and been done to me. It gave me some validation, which I think I have needed. It seems my emotions needed to be released.