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Not only is that one of the best pieces of music ever recorded, IMO, but I can completely identify with it...

I don't want to drag LAD's thread off topic but I have to say Comfortably Numb may be my favorite song of all time. One of those songs I can listen to and feel like it's about me. Pink Floyd is my favorite band of all time. A few others are close, but Floyd is the best.

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I don't know ANYBODY whose first time went entirely well or pridefully. And yeah, it's not like you wake up the next morning with spider-powers.

Um, I actually did wake up the next morning with spider powers. I just normally don't talk about them because then people get all jealous and everything.

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a guy who's losing his mind because he grew up without a father

Oh yes. The part where the boy tries to adopt a dad at the playground was a real tear-jerker.

That scene breaks my heart every time. And I even DID grow up with a dad.

Yeah, me to. That scene always makes me tear up a little. Also, it pisses me off because the guy who's hand he tries to grab is such an asshole about it. In real life, you'd hope someone would at least take his hand and say, "I'm sorry little buddy. Hey let's walk back to the playground together and find your mom, ok?" I hope that wasn't a reenactment of something that happened to Roger in real life. It wouldn't surprise me if to was though. Some people have no heart or soul.

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