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And has anybody seen this show called "Scared Straight"? They take young troubled kids in to prisons to scare them straight, cuz the kids (some of them barely pubescent) committed some kind of petty crime, like fighting in school, and they have inmates EVERY FUCKING EPISODE constantly threatening rape on them, saying sexually degrading things like "you're real pretty. they'd love you in here" and that sort of thing. I watched it with some people (I think it was my parents) and everybody was applauding the show for what a great job they were doing scaring these kids straight. I wanted to fucking vomit. You KNOW there is official facilitation of prison rape when a show like that is openly showing corrections officers and cops flaunting the fact that they use rape to "correct" people.

Yeah, that show makes me sick. The idea that the way to control children is to traumatize them into not wanting to go to jail is only going to have long range negative impacts on society.
Nothing there. It subsumed me. Black hole in time and space.

And yet.

It seemed like what I was made for.

to be used.

most natural thing in the world.