Hello, everyone. I'm Vineyard, and I'm very grateful to have been introduced to this community of survivors.

To be brief, I'm a young adult, engaged, and have recently decided to quit ignoring my built up anxiety over abuses performed against me at a young age. I'm seeking therapy, and have decided to participate in other forms of outreach.

I was sexually abused by a friend's father over the course of several months while I was in the seventh grade. The first time being a particularly frightening setting for me. I became a small focus in middle school and was bullied by classmates over alleged homosexuality shortly before moving away with my family.

Over time, I explored my trauma in secret. In the process, I was briefly abused once again, and spent most of my free time engaged erotic online chat rooms.

My fiancée found my past logs, and urged me to finally tell her that I was abused. She was the first to learn. She has since agreed to help and support me during my healing.

I was abused as an early teen. Hello, and thank you for reading.