Graphic ---- May Trigger


I have an old biker friend with PTSD - RTS...Crazy Edward. He gets busted when he runs out of meds about every 6 months! They always put him in a state hospital and when he gets out they give him meds for 3 months. He can't pay for them himself so he just goes nuts every year...someday he will kill someone! I see him about once a year when they let him out...he comes over and trys to hit on me...this drives me nuts! About 3 months ago he shows up and tells me that he has had it with people and is getting married to a big male dog....his meds had run out! I feel real bad for my friend but can't help wife and I don't want him around anymore! Everytime I tell this to someone...they freak-out...fuck freaking-out..this is real and because of the price of meds! I've seen Edward lately and he says that he and his dog are happy but he still doesn't have any meds. He is the last of a few biker friends left alive and I don't give a dam about him being married to the dog, I just feel so bad that I'm powerless to help him! Does anyone have any ideas how I should handle this. Rob a drug store for him or shoot the dog or ack "like I have been doing" like there is nothing wrong ? What the hell kinda of country is this where the sick can't get meds and end up married to a dog ?????????????????????????????????????????
This reply was not wrote to sound gross or kinky, it is the truth!!! This is just one person that has been screwed by the high cost of drugs...I don't know of any others because I don't go out to see anyone anymore, it's hard enough for me to keep myself alive and take care of my family. I'm also sorry for the way I come off as a gross writer, I don't have very many words to express myself...never could finish any school that I started, the SA gives me panic attacks when I'm around too many people!


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