My dad called me the other night, which is unexpected. He was pretty insistent on getting together, which is highly unusual for him to do. After I hung up with him, my heart sank. I realized that he probably finally found out that I had been abused.

I've been becoming more open about my abuse with many around me, but I've never told my dad. Why? My abuser was a cousin on his side of the family. I realized he probably found out because of something I posted on Facebook, something I'm working on for April's National Child Abuse Prevention Month. In the comments, I referenced my own story as well as a link to the blog where I talked about some of my experience.

I have been contemplating talking to dad about what happened as part of my own path to healing, partly because I hold him responsible for not knowing what was going on. The thing is, I'm not sure how ready I am for this discussion. I will be blowing the lid off of a 20-year-old family secret. Any advice how to proceed? This is seriously stressing me out. Thanks!

(Oh, and save any advice about he dangers of social media, etc. etc. I know all that, so you can save the characters...)