As many know I had a difficult time over the past several months. I had fugues and periods of lost time. But on Saturday a strange thing happened. I was meeting a client's tenant who was moving out. I was going into the building and I held the door open. A woman and her child were behind so I let them go in. She looked at me and said, hello, don't you remember me. I said no and she looked at me. She said you are the one who helped change a flat tire. I said are you sure and she said yes--I said you must be mistaken. I was getting scared--had I met her? She said yes it was me, it was in Reston in November. I had a fugue experience then and my car was left in Reston. I felt odd as she continued. I asked where was I going that day. She said I said I was just looking around. She thanked me again--so I said I was glad to do. I asked if she lived here, she said not just visiting. I was not only lost in fugue but also lost when she approached. At least I may have done something good during that time. But I still wonder was it me or someone luck(lol) to look like me?

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