Hey, you posted difficult question here.
I'm in some search too at the moment. I came here for more than year ago when I put "gay imprinted" in Google search. That is how I feel from time to time.
I guess there is no need for some labeling as being gay, having SSA, being bi or whatever. All those are overlapping to some degree. It is only what matter how every one of us is feeling about it.
I felt as imprinted as it seems that I can be attracted to both sexes but because of many different reasons I can't imagine being in relationship with man in some romantic way. I also developed habit of watching porn and many times it is gay porn and such situations make me feel bad and like doing something against myself.
At this moment I'm trying not to be hard and to accept myself in full.
Problematic part is interpretation of our feelings as it is colored with culture from environment where we have grown. It was terrible conservative and patriarchal society in my case, so I'm trying to understand that basically I've been very hard on myself since my childhood as I inherited some cultural values unconsciously as every one of us.
So I've learned that driven by such "alien" values I decided as kid that I will never follow my urges and act on them isolating my self and choosing almost celibate lifestyle and also to avoid terrible shameful feeling on my back. Trough therapy I learned that I would never be like that to someone who has been abused and felt confused. I would be rather supportive and carrying instead of isolation, I would try to make shame less and irrelevant comparing to freezing everything about those confusing feelings etc. And shameful feelings are those with whom I have the most problems...
Keep searching!

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