There are a lot of things I accuse myself of (mainly my child-self). My T told me to pick one of those accusations, write it down and then play defense lawyer and try to point out why the little Ben isnít guilty and write this down as well.
but I canít find anything to defend him, other than empty phrases I donít really mean/feel. So Iíve been sitting here for almost two hours now, just crying and feeling worse and worse. Doesnít feel like thereís anything constructive about this. Surely itís like that, that it hurts first, before you can make a progress. But it feels like it doesnít make any sense at all.. as if Iím running against a wall all the time and instead of getting through it, I only get hurt.
My T told me to only choose one of the smaller self-accusations first, so I tried to.. but isnít everything connected in some way? Itís so hard to only cut one thing out of the whole picture. I always automatically start to think about the more painful things as well, which makes me feel terribly uneasy and overwhelmed.
Is there anyone who has experiences with those inner child approaches? did it work for you?
If we're not entirely ourselves, truly in this present moment, we'll miss everything.