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There is nothing wrong with a healthy dose of cynicism in this world but some people do take it to the extreme. I've known a lot of people who I think like to sound overly cynical on purpose, just because they think it makes them sound all cool and edgy. Sounds like your buddy may qualify for that club.

Yeah I think this is it exactly. That he thinks it makes him sound cool and edgy. But then there's a point where it just makes him sound like an idiot.

Glad I'm not the only person who sees abuse in everything. Never watched or read The Shining. And never plan to. I can't watch anything scary at all. The guy who abused me used to make me watch scary stuff that I was too young to watch. Though not that long ago something i had seen back then came on TV and it was billed as a "spoof horror". So maybe they weren't that scary after all - didn't watch it to check though. Even if they weren't scary they were terrifying to me at the time. Radiohead, yes, this song is totally about dissociation and abuse. To me. But I just read through peoples comments on the meanings of it on a website, and not one single person said that. People were saying it was about a break up or even about religious stuff. Really people, how are you getting that? Since i had to look through all my Radiohead albums to find the song I ended up listening to a ton of their songs, and practically everything said something to me about abuse. Check out How To Disappear Completely.