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The naltrexone theory is that dissociation is caused by endogenic opioids like endorphins. Recreating the abuse is recreating the brain chemistry.

Naltrexone stops the brain from reacting to these endogenic opioids the same way it blocks exogenic opioids like heroin from chemically bonding with the brain -- apparently.

It's an interesting theory that makes sense to me. It explains cutting and other self-harm as a way to jack up our endogenic opioid production. We're addicted to the brain chemistry caused by the abuse and seek out bad situations to get our bodies to react the same way.

Anyway... yes, naltrexone is what I'm about to try. As soon as my T sends a note to my primary care doc saying that she is going to oversee my usage.


Can someone please explain that to me again in really really stupid persons english? I have a major self harm problem right now. I'd like to quit but nothing I have tried so far has helped.

Life's A Dream, my dad had hypnotherapy for some of his OCD stuff. Not anything to do with recovering memories. But it really did work for him. Hope you have some luck with it.