C E-

Survivors of abuse generally don't have a sign that says "kick me" taped to their back, we don't need. The T says it a feeling of compliancy brought about by conditioning.

Run the scenario of any instance with the bully - I mean boss- through your head again, try to remove your emotions if you can, and see him or her for what they are. You will find them to be an insecure little person who gets their feelings of accomplishment from hurting and publicly embarrassing another.

And just out of curiosity, I wonder if there is something they find intimidating when around you. Usually its a positive attribute the victim has such as looks, or personality, or intellect... or maybe most people prefer being around you as opposed to them. There is something about you that makes them feel very insecure. So you, sir, need to discover what that is and use it to your advantage.

And btw, they work in the same establishment as you... They must go thru the same door to enter the same building...

You deserve the same respect that you said you wanted. YOU DO... and find another position asap.... and give zero days notice when you leave. Just my thoughts, but I have been there. Stay strong, guy.
For now we see through a glass, darkly.