I think the times in the 1960's were so different than today. At least my life, lived in a community of immigrants or 1st generation Irish and Italian and the Wasp's which generally did not move in our circles. The church was the center of life--school, parent social activities, children activities, and the priest and nuns were revered beyond all others. They were part of our life. We feared, respected and loved them. What they said from the pulpit was God's word. So when in the cellar he spoke we bowed and said we said yes. I was a silent compliant child. So when he said I would be taken away if I told because my parents would not believe me (and I did not want to know otherwise that they did would not believe me). So how could I tell----today I still believe I did it so I could stay with my family and not be taken away as he told me--the police would not believe me and take me away and my parents would believe I was an ungrateful son. I was around 10/11---could I have done differently. Some say I was old enough to defend myself but I did not--so am I the guilty one. I do not want to believe I allowed it to happen but maybe I let it happened. It was not my parents that denied it, it was me.

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