Trigger Warning!

Hello everyone,

Folks have probably already heard about the atrocious gang rape of a young college student in Steubenville Ohio. The attack was videotaped by rapists who make jokes and brag about their attack on camera when the woman was passed out in another room.

The accused rapists are going to trial soon their attorneys are building the defense around a blame the victim strategy which goes as far as saying date rape doesn't exist.

The Survivor has been receiving death threats and the media's coverage of the situation has been incredibly unbalanced siding with the perpetrators.

Right now because of the threats of violence against the survivor she can't leave her house and has police guarding her home.

For many of us this website and forum were the first place we found out we aren't alone and that we didn't deserve the sexual abuse that happened to us. This woman needs to know that she isn't alone and that people all around the country support her. Below is a link to a website being used to send words of support to the survivor. Please take a couple of minutes and send her a message.