Dear Male survivor members,
When posting in forums or talking about yourself in chat rooms, never refer to yourself as a fag or faggot, never refer to yourself as a loser or a victim or the queer kid.

In a nutshell, stop talking to negatively about yourself! Your inner child needs to know they aren't bad or dirty or anything negative. Damn it you are here on this site and that says alot about you. It shows that you are taking the first steps to say fuck the abuse, it doesn't define me, it will never define me. I am who I am because of the choices I made, not the choices someone made that impacted us dearly as children. We are all survivors and that shows because of our courage to step forward and admit it and work on the abuse. It does get better, but only if we can look towards the light at the end of the tunnel and be optimistic to know we're not alone. To know we have so many people around us who understand and share our pain, but most importantly people around us who will cheer us on in our healing.

The negativity I hear on MS is almost always directed towards our pasts, or how our pasts effect us. It's good to vent and get those evil thoughts and feelings out, but it's another evil to ourself to wallow in our negativity about our childhoods and let that affect us and hold us back. Unlock the chains and cry out freedom from the guilt, shame and hurt. Throw those chains away and walk away like the super heros in the movies because that is what you are, a god damn hero and inspiration to those who will need a shoulder to lean on.

You are here, and you deserve optimism but most importantly so does your inner child. At least let him know that everything is going to be okay and that you and him will heal together and you are building a better life for both of you. Don't talk or refer to yourself negatively. Give the middle finger to the abuse, conquer it and grow from it. Talk and refer to yourself with optimism, and put on shades for you and your inner child because if you take my advice, then you'll both need those sun glasses cuz your future will be so bright.