Thanks for the question Sugarbaby.

Although my abuse was in a different era, one thing that would have helped immensely would have been the school authorities who fired my perp for "sexual issues". Had someone - in fact, like a woman - followed up with me and his other possible victims it would have made a huge difference. I was 15-16.

The question, "Do you feel safe at home?" would have been a wonderful inquiry. I was in the frame of mind at that time to definitively answer, "NO." Intervention, however, was not available in that era. Even as a pre-teen in that environment - back to age 7 - I would have answered in the negative. I'd started to cry myself to sleep every night at that age.

Bitchmother was an obvious drunk, verbally and emotionally abusive. It would have been clear to any caseworker. And I desperately wanted to be with Dad instead, a healthier home environment, and being able to go to the boys school with my other buddies who lived on Dad's street.