I fought a gang in the joint. Long story short they were 'denounced' by gov Granholm. after returning from 180 in the box for assault on one of these predators, I was told en confidant that they were given the choice to denounce their religious guise or go to max.. the real felons and predators stood their ground and went.
five years later the supreme ct ruled that they were a religion and re released them all to general population. bc it was "religious" no one could be warned.. their "rights' had been violated. etc.
the MI prison system failed in the redneck UP where they couldnt screen files properly and they dumped a bus full of gangsters on the yard all together to have their way..
I had an old grudge and the bastards found me and had their way. they knew theyd been in a battle.. but they still won.
hours of torture still bring me to a startled awakeness in the deep hours of the morn.
and this is only the adult stuff... I feel all fucked up.
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Seeking help
And the days tick by all the same