Great Question Sugarbaby!
Also, Thank you for being a supporter of your husband, your son and other guys like at MS :0)

I think the question has two parts.

(1) Those that haven't been abused. I think the guys above hit on that.

(2) The ones that have suffered abuse. I will give a few thoughts on that one:

The biggest part of the answer is "when they are ready".
If you suspect someone has been abused you can support them and suggest things, but very gently.

It seems for many like in the books "Nice to Meet Me" and the stories on MS and my own story. Until your conscious mind is ready to deal with what happened, it will stay buried. It seems some remember and shove it down. I had absolutely no memory of what happened to me until a ton of stress hit in midlife that things started to leak out. I am still amazed that your mind can block that stuff out until you're ready to deal with it. Looking back I can see a few impacts to my life, but not until just recently did the eruption take place, the memories come back and I had to say, "I am going to do whatever it takes to get better!".