If you kept your abuse a secret. What would have helped you to pursue treatment/seeking help at different developmental points?

What would have helped:

Prior to age 10?

from 10 - 15?

from 15 - 20?

from 20 - 30?

from 30 - 40?


Think about it. What would have/could have/might have pulled you out of the soul crushing weight of silence? Where could the process have started?

I'm curious because for me, being female, I have options. I have a local abuse place, OB/GYNs ask about it as standard practice, there are hotline posters on restroom walls.

I don't see this type of support for the guys....for the teen boys who are struggling.....or for the little guys.... and to be quite honest it pisses me off.

The best connection for males and help that I can think of is doctors. My son saw his Dr a little while back and they talked to him about sex in general(he is 16). BUT not abuse. Why? Probably because they don't know that they are (IMHO) probably the best possible link for male victims and help. OB/GYNs obviously know this so I looked at the Amer. Med. Assoc. web site for a while but I didn't find much about specific policy.

Since I am a Nursing student (career change) I have Physician professors. I'd like to bring it up to them and ask about policy but I need to know the consensus about what would be helpful. Maybe I am totally off base with the Dr link.

Tell me what you think and ask other guys on here to also tell me.