From what you wrote I translate it into what is commonly called a "safe place". I did a six week (one day per week) group session recently covering different things. During one of the sessions we were to do an exercise where we would imaging a safe place that was calming.

The facilitator described a place he used to go as a boy, at the side of a creek where he would sit and just toss stones into the water. This was a physical place that he remembered and used.

On a different site ( - mainly women)there was a thread from someone who wanted to create their own safe place. She had "borrowed" one from a different member (with consent) but she wanted one of her own and wanted ideas on how to go about it. Some of the safe places described were quite elaborate. With multiple rooms with different levels of access for different young ones (internal multiples) where they could feel safe.

I have wanted to explore this further but have not yet done much with it. I have a hard time holding images. I hear it can take a bit of work.

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