Hey guys, I was away from MaleSurvivor for a little while taking a break. Im back now. I wont be on chat right away but I hope to be coming back to that again very soon but not right away. Please dont think any one of you guys did anything to cause my leaving. It was no ones fault. It was my desision, I needed the break. No one here is to blame for my taking a break. I just needed some time to un stress myself before I came back to MS but Im glad to be back and to see all of you again. Hope everyone is doing well and pleasant healing thoughts to all. Be safe in your recovery.

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My Autobiography I am writing has a long title with a few sentances. The name at the end is not a real name. Its a anonymus name. My book is called...
Through the eyes of a child,
The impact of child sexual abuse on ones life,
The true story of how one little boy learned to survive and endure.