A few of the things that get lost in the discussion of the subject of male rape in the military;

-Perps count on the fact that military culture does not investigate these crimes and tends to cover them up, blame the victims, etc. This is used as strategy and service members are TARGETED due to systemic failings of uniformed services, DoD, National Guard Bureau and bias/ignorance of military culture. This only serves and facilitates the perps.

-Many service members are sexually assaulted by civilians. This makes the attacks no less damaging or relevant to the victim, uniformed services, VA, DoD, National Guard Bureau, etc. In many cases this makes an already complicated process a more lengthy nightmare.

-If the DoD/Pentagon are ill equipped to deal with male sexual assualt, the National Guard Bureau is several centuries behind. From what I have seen there is a culture of total refusal to see or deal with a very bad problem as well as a culture of blatantly blaming and shaming the victim. Throw in little or no oversight, many different states and the 'good old boy system' and what you have is not just criminal mishandling of male rape victims, but an environment PERFECT for Perpetrator(s) who take advantage of these very systemic and cultural failings.
It's Disgusting.
"what matters most is how well you walk through the fire"
-Charles Bukowski